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Levels of Instruction

Throughout our training wrestlers will be separated into groups that have the same experience level. This system will allow for an accelerated group to cover more material and for a slower group to learn at a pace that is acceptable to their skill level.


Areas of Instruction


: We will show single leg, double leg attacks as well as high crotches. Our system teaches wrestlers how to attack the right side, left side, lower, middle and upper parts of and opponent’s body. Set ups, finishes, and counters will be taught. Students will also be taught throws as well as other miscellaneous takedowns.
Riding and Pinning

: Break downs, tilts, riding positions and counters to escapes and reversals will be taught. Arm bar series, cradles, nelsons and situational pinning will be covered.

: Each wrestler will be taught how to maintain a strong working base. We will teach
sit outs, switches, stand-ups and roll series.

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